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Kitty Corner

With 18 years of experience working in an animal shelter, I noticed a need for something. There is a large portion of cats that come in that are considered "timid" or "scared." Mostly because of their new surroundings. These cats have a tendency to hide or try to find a place to hide. I came up with an invention that could be placed in timid cat cages that would give them a place to hide. If a cat can hide its face it thinks it is completely hidden from "danger." I made a disposable cardboard corner than gives them a place to hide their face but keep their body visible for owners to be able to identify them. 

I created an Indie Go Go page (like KickStarter) to collect the funds for the patent. It was successful and I was able to patent it.


The problem now is I can't find a company to produce them. That's where I am stuck at now.



Click the button to see my Indie Go Go page and to watch my demonstration video.

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